No matter where you go, exposed brick strike an aesthetic chord. Brick walls by themselves are beautiful; but a brick wall in your home? Rustic and earthy, exposed brick walls have a way of blending into every type of home. Be it a contemporary home with sleek interiors and glass doors, or a traditional home with wood work and ethnic design, an exposed brick wall adds a little something to any kind of space.




The process of installing a brick wall in your home (we won’t lie) is messy. It involves time, money and lots of construction material.


There are plenty ways of creating a brick wall, but there are three commonly used methods:


  • Constructing a wall from scratch using actual brick and cement. This process is the lengthiest, messiest, and the most expensive, best during construction of a brand new home. However, it gives best results.
  • Using clay tiles on an existing wall by chipping off the plaster, and placing the tiles in a manner such that it looks like an exposed brick wall. This is process is easier, not as messy and cheaper than constructing a wall from scratch.
  • Building Gypsum walls or false walls and giving it an exposed brick finish. This is the cheapest of the three, and gives a polished finish.


(1) Design by Biome Environmental Solutions (2) Home of Anjalee Wakankar (3) Design by Studio Wood Collective


The best part about exposed brick walls is that it looks good anywhere. That said, they must be installed practically. Brick walls in bathrooms and kitchens don’t work well, simply because if exposed to moisture, patches of white salt deposits tend to form on the surface. Instead, consider installing brick walls in dining rooms, bedrooms, your study area or even on your ceiling. Add a skylight to the mix and you’ve got a really unique, spacious, well lit dining room!


(L) Design by Biome Environmental Solutions (R) Home of Anjalee Wakankar


Exposed brick walls don’t necessarily need to be inside your home. They can also be used for the exterior walls of your home, or for the patio and garden area. Exposed brick walls outside accentuate the earthy feel of its surroundings. You can even landscape and furnish your garden accordingly. Add a gorgeous seating area in either a modern or rustic design depending on what suits you best!


(L) Design by Biome Environmental Solutions (R) Home of Anjalee Wakankar


The Downside

There are cons to this fashionable choice of design. Exposed brick walls are a lot like wood. They gather dust very quickly, and it can be a task to maintain them. While getting your wall constructed your wall, ensure that at least one coat of sealant is applied to conceal those dust-attracting nooks and crannies to prevent your space from getting dirty, and to stop the brick itself from tarnishing. Also make sure you keep a check on your walls so that no insects make your home their home!


Home of Anjalee Wakankar


Exposed brick walls give you the opportunity to play with colour, furniture, wall art, aesthetics, and so much more! It could be a stand-alone feature to a room, or the perfect canvas for artwork, tapestries or photographs. It’s a great look for any home – timeless and classy!