Welcoming a baby into the world is one of the most incredible, indescribable feelings. Think about those velvety soft cheeks, twinkling eyes and the pitter-patter of little feet! This happens after months of planning and preparation by the parents-to-be who understand the importance of creating a safe, happy cocoon for their little one. And prior planning is important because once your tiny tot arrives, it’s all about the baby’s care, some sleepless nights and loads of baby laughs! 

But in today’s matchbox-sized apartments, where space can be a luxury, where do you really start?

We’ll take you through an array of ideas so that you can start to take those baby steps (sorry, couldn’t resist) towards converting a piece of your home into a baby haven!
Ready for some inspiration? Let’s get started!

Baby Corner

Pick a corner of your room that you’d like to gift your baby. This little slice of your home should be a skillful combination of prettiness and practicality. It should be the corner that holds your baby’s cot, and if you have enough space, perhaps a changing table as well.

1 Baby Corner e

Baby Corner in Master Bedroom

Cosy Cots

When choosing a cot, give preference to one with a drop side to avoid straining your back every time you pick up your little one. You can even select a cot that comes with adjustable mattress height. To add some sparkle, adorn the headboard with peel-off stickers that you can remove once your baby outgrows them.

2 Cosy Cots e

Cot in a cosy corner

Merry-Go-Round Mobiles

Add a splash of colour to your baby’s cot by pegging a vibrant mobile to the sidebar or the ceiling. Accentuate the mobile with funky paper cut-outs, shiny baubles, or ribbons from a bygone birthday. It’s sure to mesmerize your little darling! You can find some musical ones online on stores like babyoye.com and amazon.in. Not only do infant mobiles work best to mesmerize your little darling, they are proven to promote visual and auditory stimulation!

3 Mobile 1 e 3 Mobile 2 e

Paint Paradise

Let the creative juices flow while using the walls of your baby’s corner as a canvas to create colourful, happy designs. If you’re the artistic kind, paint your own vibrant sequence of pretty owls, elephants or fairies, and if you’re not, get a local painter to do it. Since it’s only a corner of the room, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket! But do remember to use an ecofriendly low-odour, VOC-free paint.

4 Paint Paradise e

Designed by Designs Depth

4 Paint Paradise 2 e

Found on etsy.com

Love Thy Linen

Colours can play a large role in influencing the mood and behaviour – not just of adults, but of babies as well. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance, even while choosing the linen. If your room sports a neutral palette, go for pastel linens. Or if you’ve decided to paint your ‘Baby Corner’, augment the walls with something colourful. Pair purples with browns, pinks with greens, and peaches with blues to give your baby a bit of the rainbow!

5 Linen 1 e 5 Linen 2 e

Furniture Frenzy

Whether you’re dedicating a section of your own wardrobe or an entire trunk to the baby, go for removable plastic animal decals that you can feature on the wardrobe! These are economical, won’t leave permanent marks on your furniture and make the space that much more interesting!

6 Furniture e

Fight the Light

That’s right! The last thing you want is for harsh sun rays or intense lighting to over-stimulate your baby’s developing eyes. You can achieve subdued lighting by picking shaded or diffused lights or fitting a dimmer to your existing lights to adjust the layers. Also, control sunlight by dressing your window with an extra layer of animal print fabric drapes or blinds, skirted with attractive fuzzy baubles.

7 Blinds e

Cute blinds

Diaper Duty

It’s always better to be equipped for those times of the night (or day) that you need to tend to soiled diapers. Line an old ironing board with some soft linen and voilà, you have a changing table! Arrange your arsenal of powders, creams and tissues in some wire baskets that you could peg to the wall, or invest in a multi-pocketed cloth display unit that you can pin to the baby’s crib.

8 Diaper 1 e

8 Diaper 2 e

Rocking Times

For those times when you want to feed your little one or rock them back to sleep, there’s no better option than a lovely little rocking chair. Place it next to your baby’s crib so that you can sink into it to snuggle up with your little angel. Pick one with an effective back rest and remember to pad the seat with loaf cushions to keep you comfortable through your baby’s feeds.

9 Rocking e

Once you’re done with all these, reward yourself with a giant chocolate bar. You know you deserve it! From all of us at Houzify, all the best, Mommy and Daddy! We know you’re going to do an awesome job! :)
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