Feature walls are the latest rage in the home décor industry these days, giving designers the freedom to experiment and allowing owners to express their personalities, whims and fancies through walls of their home. Ranging from elaborate designer lighting, murals and wall finishes to simple DIY projects done over the weekend by you and your kids, feature walls are fun, fresh and cutting edge.

Bring things to focus

What makes a feature wall fall in place? Focus – it’s all about drawing attention to that side of the room, giving it a little extra weightage and creating an accent.

Using something as simple as a bright colour or a textured panel, a wall, however small, can act as the binder of the entire room’s décor and give the space a direction.

A fun and creative feature wall from Spaces Architects gives an otherwise plane staircase landing a new twist – displaying a wall sculpture with elements of colour, texture and dynamism and giving it life with a row of individualized spot lights.





















Not just that, a feature wall can set the tone and mood of the space as well; from warm, inviting and comfortable to cool and casual; from rustic brick facades to movie poster montages!

AVT Architects gives us a stunning wall light, a great way to draw focus to not just a wall, but the entire space it illuminates! The jewelled light fixture acts as an anchor, an installed work of art.





















Patterns and Colour

Another way to go is by being formal – basics of design as seen by the use of form and colour. An interior décor decision that seldom goes wrong, patterned wallpaper is the simplest way to draw focus to one wall of the room, frame the objects and furniture placed against it and act as the tone-setter. What’s more, once the major design weight is transferred onto the wall, the rest of the room’s accessories can be simple tonal and textural variants.

Here for example, we have two rooms by ADAPL, Mumbai – a bedroom and a living room, each with an elaborate wallpaper feature wall acting as a backdrop. The furniture in turn has been kept plain and simple, making the colours of the wall echo in the rest of the room’s décor.

A niche or two

If patterned décor is not your style, niche walls paired with collectibles, antiques, works of art and even old knick-knacks from around the house can make for classy feature walls and great conversation starters!

Architecturally, you can work it in to your initial structure, but if you’re re-decorating an existing space, then the best way to work niches in is to use a false wall and add focused lights to highlight each niche.

AVT, Inspiring Spaces and The White Room give us three feature walls which all use niches and curios, but are miles apart in style – stretching right from contemporary and eclectic to rustic and raw.

Taking niches up a notch, Spaces Architects brings fountains, elaborate murals and origami birds into a close space. Using a large fixed glass pane to separate the living room into two sections, an installation using form, light and even flowing water is undeniably the most extravagant way to bring focus to a wall.





















Frame clusters

Frame clusters extending from family photographs and drawings by your children to movie posters and rock band album covers are a weekend DIY feature wall project just waiting to happen!

For all you homeowners and renters who aren’t in a position to make permanent shifts, drilling a dozen or so holes in the wall, hammering in nails and hanging up picture frames with just about anything is definitely the easiest approach to a feature wall – and you can add to it whenever you like! Two fascinating walls from LSDA give us examples of frame clusters of all kinds.

These are just a stepping stone into the myriad of possibilities that feature walls have to offer – murals, glass panels, indoor plants, antique clock collections – pretty much anything you fancy can be put on a wall and elegantly displayed. Why hide it in a closet when you can show it off!