Private residence by ACD Studio

A lot of people ask me what is it that I do, as in what is it that I really do for a client. I have a difficult time answering this question, especially in today’s world where it’s so easy to borrow ideas without their ideologies. An interior designer is a specialist and specialists have a holistic understanding which provides a unique perspective. The following points are the underlying constants in every project I work on, but each experience is always unique.

Feasibility Check
It’s only natural to scour the internet, compiling images of homes you love and then set out on a solo conquest to build your dream home bit by bit. The harsh reality is that not every idea works in every space and under any circumstance. There are numerous variables that interior designers are trained to acknowledge. A little oversight goes a long way. When it comes to large customisation projects, a professional opinion is always helpful.

Neutral Observation
An interior designer observes not only your requirements, but your lifestyle and your personality, with a completely neutral and experienced eye. This aerial view, along with their innate ability to tie a space together, gives them clear insight into the things you may not be able to catch. For instance, an interior designer would know to position the light on top of the study table on the right side if you are right handed so as not to cast a shadow as you write.

Private residence by ACD Studio

Private residence by ACD Studio

Budget Policing
Our dreams sometimes have to be tailored into a budget and that is when design, materials and type of construction come into play. Be it designing for a budget or breaking the interiors into phases – an interior designer will manage your finances efficiently, backed by the knowledge of industry standards and the ability to do a comparative analysis at all times.

Creating The Experience
A new apartment, bare white walls and light flooring throw up a number of ideas. Some very tangible – like what kind of furniture you want and some not so easily explained like the ambience of a home you recently visited. This is where the difference between a designer and a contractor truly shows; a contractor will give you what you want, but a designer can give you what you want to feel.

Chandelier lighting (4)

Chandelier design by ACD Studio

Let us know, in the comments section, what an interior designer is to you and how they’ve contributed to your projects. Sharing personal insights will help others like you find the perfect professional for their home.

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