When presented with the opportunity to build a new family home, Joseph already knew his direction. He wanted a quaint, rustic setting where they could feel at home, in a rooted sense. The moment you step foot inside the property, an air of safety and homely warmth sets in. The garden is lush and whimsical. There is a small pathway through the bevy of flora and charming garden ornaments that leads up to a grand hand-carved wooden entrance, complete with temple-style pillars and brass door knockers.


The home feels like a natural extension of the garden. The entire house is a bright, spacious nest of antique furniture, family heirlooms and meaningful things. Joseph drew a lot of inspiration from traditional temple and church design in India.The combination of traditional Indian hand-carved furniture and the western classical stained glass gives the home a subtle touch of diversity.

Joseph2For a home full of heavy wooden furniture, it was incredibly light and bright. Joseph was careful to preserve space and light so that the intricacy of his carefully acquired collection could be absorbed fully. Within this home, Joseph, Jacinta and their son live a contemporary life, surrounded by that never-failing comfort of the Indian rustic touch.

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