With kitchens turning into secondary entertainment areas, the once dark, neglected part of the home has evolved into bright, organised spaces with an ocean of design possibilities. Houzify talked to kitchen expert Kushboo Gupta from Cuisine Regale, about choosing materials and designing kitchen spaces. 





Kitchens have seen drastic makeovers in the past few years. Home owners and their guests have begun to congregate, watch TV, eat, drink and spend real time within the space, and as a result, there is greater attention going towards designing and even renovating kitchen spaces.


The most common problems faced in terms of kitchen spaces are:

  • Unplanned layouts
  • Restricted storage spaces and organisers
  • Non-durable materials





The open-kitchen provides the best space for entertainment. A cooking island brings guests around comfortably, and the open space allows different spaces in the home to be connected easily. If you find yourself limited with space, a movable trolley can also do the trick! Another advantage of having a well-designed centre island is that it also provides a good amount of storage for a built-in drink cabinet or mini oven that makes it easier for you to serve guests simultaneously.





Bright coloured luxury counter tops are all the rage. According to Khushboo Gupta, Kitchen Expert at Cuisine Regale in Bangalore, “No one uses black counter tops in kitchens anymore. Quartz counter tops are very popular now. The advantage of this quartz material is that it is non-porous and so can be used in brighter colours. Black and browns always make a space appear darker.”







Most kitchen units come made-to-order. So take the right measurements and decide on the right colour scheme before hand. When it comes to colours for an open-concept kitchen, extend the colours of the living room into the kitchen for a cohesive look. This will help to integrate the two spaces. Choose wall colours that will highlight your favourite tableware against open shelves!



If you have many things to store away, take a look at glass shutters and high gloss lacquer. These surfaces are easy to clean and also come with touch responsive operations where one can do away with handles.

Marine ply materials also work best for designing your kitchen cabinets as it comes in MR and BWR grade and is known for resisting a great deal of moisture.




Decide on how you would want things organised. Khushboo advises, “Kitchens have become all about organising. We have organisers for almost every little thing, right from snack box organisers and oil bottle organisers to even kitchen towel organisers. Nowadays there are so many different kinds of cooking utensils for different kinds of food… space has become a constraint in terms of storage.”


Homes have shrunk in size, but demarcating your space for everything can help you put things together.

“Often, when people come to us, they are usually clueless about what they want. It would be helpful to draw out the list of things that you would need in the kitchen and another list of things which you’d require space for. There has to be clarity.”



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