As everyone gets into festival shopping mode, we thought it would be fun to explore a few Diwali specific décor ideas. We’ve done the shop search for you and found a few unique products to usher in the festival of lights!

There are regular ways to light up your home – with traditional clay diyas and strings of fairy lights, but here are a few things that can be different and equally beautiful, to usher in the festivities.

Snapdeal offers battery operated LED diyas – traditional as well as multi-coloured – for those of you who dislike the hassle of oil and wicks all over the house. For a more rustic feel, take a look at Karishma Benjamin’s Bangle Doodle. She features products for lighting and decoration including tea lights, table lamps and wind chimes, all made from glass bangles.

Add a fun twist to the regular wax candle diya, by using coloured glass bottles from Amazon. Placing a regular tea light inside these bottles will give you a wonderful combination of colours to play with. They could look beautiful when placed carefully on a coffee table, lining a flight of stairs or accompanying a traditional rangoli on the floor.

If you don’t want to go the colourful way, you can use a patterened metal candlestand, designed such that light and shadows come into play to create patterns. Check some out at Fab Furnish.

Another traditional décor idea is to use a toran. Toran is the name for a sacred doorway decoration and even today many Hindu homes have toran of mango leaves and marigold at the entrances of their homes or prayer rooms. For the modern day home, some longer-lasting torans, made of mirror-worked textiles and metal are available at Amazon.

Image courtesy: – Toran for your doorway.


Traditional art makes for good gifts – especially when it is also useful. Take this Dhokra key holder from Talash, or a tissue holder with folk art from the rediff shop, for example!

Image courtesy: Talash – Dhokra key holder.



Image courtesy: Rediff shop – Folk art tissue holder

Diwali is a time to celebrate the triumph of good over evil – an occasion to be with friends and family, share happiness, laughter, great food and togetherness. The quality of your surroundings can do wonders to the festive spirit. So go have fun finding the right mix for your home and take some pictures to send our way! Happy Diwali, Houzies!