Name: Harsh and Pooja Maheshwari
Property: Villa; owned.
Location: Bangalore, India
Size: Approximately 4000 sq. ft. including the terrace and two gardens. 

You know it’s going to be a good home tour when you’re welcomed in from the back yard, which opens up into the living room so seamlessly, you never realised you stepped through a door into the inside. The openness and flow within this home makes it feel alive – like one big living, breathing thing.

Harsh, his wife Pooja and their daughter have created a home that just keeps creating. Their daughter’s artwork adorns the walls while Harsh’s practical DIY solutions keep the show running and Pooja’s flair for colour, texture and materials binds the whole experience together. Each member of the family has a sense of design and their preferences are all incorporated. The final product is never final, but always complete.


This wonderful blend of individual styles is bound by the flood of natural light and greenery inside the house. Harsh believes that for all the life we’re responsible for taking, we should at least try and recreate that in our home environment. The indoor garden sits at the bottom of the three storey stairwell, under a natural skylight – a heavenly sight. As Harsh walked me around the indoor and outdoor gardens, describing each plant in detail with a spark in his eye, I realised he was a gardner in every sense of the word. He plants the seeds of creativity and allows things to grow as far as they can.

Practicality is another driving force in this household. Nothing exists without a reason and function. There’s no clutter or over crowding, just the simple necessities made beautiful. Harsh and Pooja focussed on small details to create their space. The wood on the kitchen counter was especially imported because of its quality and grain. The kitchen backsplash was custom made to incorporate Pooja’s love for colonial-era tiles and Harsh’s low-maintenance, functionality-first approach.

Harsh and Pooja have recently had a new baby and they’ve created the perfect haven for their incredibly talented family.


The One on One

What was your inspiration?
My wife gives me a demand. I see what’s suitable, affordable and practical.

What’s your design personality?
Practical and functional. Pooja loves rustic, colonial and kitschy styles while I love glass, metal and more modern finishes. So we combined the two.

What is your favourite element in the whole house?
Our home theatre. We painted the walls a dark, textured black and we installed a projector. Normally we throw some mattresses and blankets down on the floor and settle down to watch a movie. All the posters on the wall are our favourite films.

What is your biggest learning?
I’ve been adding to my tools and expanding my DIY skill set.

What would you do differently?
The indoor plants aren’t doing so well. I would probably revisit the indoor garden and see what I could do to help the plants thrive.

What are your favourite sources?
We’ve been buying from Ikea for around 8 years now. We also love brands like British Khaki.

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