Today’s kids are sharper, brighter and more opinionated than ever. Most like being involved in the space that’s just theirs in the home. This Children’s Day, we decided to take a look at some cool ideas to do up the youngest member of the home’s room in stimulating and unique ways! Here are our favourites ideas!





These rooms use creative decals on the wall to create a signature style. The cute elephant height map in the room by 8 Corners can be fun for kids as they watch themselves and their friends grow inch by inch! And the unique decal by Anaheeta Pinto brings together an interest in music and literature just beautifully. Shop for a range of decals on Amazon or design your own on Engrave!





For kids with specific interests, it can be fun integrating the most obsessive hobbies and passions into room décor!

Archohm’s design beautifully creates a room for a die-hard ManU fan; complete with posters, framed TShirts and a warm wooden floor and staircase matched with bedding in the team’s colours! Similarly, Sriranjini Venkataraman’s children’s room features a unique race-car bed guaranteed to reduce fuss at sleep-time!





In an ever-shrinking globalized world, our kids meet people from different backgrounds and nationalities more and more often. Here are two unique designs allowing your kinds to map gaze and learn about the world in the comfort of their own rooms.

The design by Peekaboo beautifully integrates a world map into a set of blinds and the map by Spaces and Designs as a wallpaper even marks out common animals, trees and tidbits of information about different parts of the world!





The right bedding, carpets, cushions and wallpaper can completely change the feel of a room. Powder colours can create a classic, colonial bedroom feel, bright colours ensure a cheerful bedroom space and patterns in unique places – beams, ceilings, or even the floor – can add that special touch just for your child!



We hope you liked this collection of Kids’ Rooms! Watch this space for more collections, or download the Houzify app to create your own! Happy browsing, and happy Children’s Day!