Decking up a home can be a thrilling experience, but the struggle of “should-I-should-I-not” when a tempting buy comes along can challenge even the strongest person’s willpower. Very often, homeowners find themselves starting with a tight budget but end up spending way more than initially planned.


Planning ahead is critical. A budget is influenced largely by the size of the spaces involved and style preferences. Let’s look into some important factors that can be helpful in coming up with a budget.




No one wants to find themselves in a situation where a dream couch is too expensive, or that perfect piece of art is too big for the living room wall. Planning prices, dimensions and styles beforehand will reduce the risk of expensive mistakes. Consult an Interior Designer and share your ideas with them through photographs right from the planning stage. This will help you understand the cost factor in detail.




Once you have arrived at a ballpark figure, you can begin to plan how much you want to spend. If you are hiring a designer or contractor, be clear on their charges and deliverables. This helps you in setting your budgetary goals.




While working within a budget, prioritise your spending. Spend on the most valued components. Prioritise essentials like furniture and storage, and opt for things that have a long life. Once furniture is placed almost half the space is complete. Then one can move on to finer details of colour, design elements and personal touches.




Making compromises on the things you want in order to stick to your budget is unpleasant, but sometimes necessary. Try to do things yourself if you are able, rather than hiring expensive help. It could even be fun to find budget stores online, or check out local thrift stores, auctions and sales too! Watch the Houzify retail space for sales, and pointers towards the best and most affordable buys!




Keep in mind that there will always be bumps along the way. Plan ahead and budget some extra (at least 15-20%) for unexpected expenses caused by delays or inflation.



Most importantly, planning helps for a peaceful experience. Once you’ve made big decisions, you and your family can concentrate on converting four plain walls into a place you can call home, reflecting you and your personality; a space to live, laugh and make memories!