No matter what your style statement, there’s one thing every home will have this Diwali season – diyas. These traditional Indian oil lamps are usually made of clay, fashioned into a small bowl with a spout for a cotton wick dipped in oil. Usually associated with special occasions, sales of these little clay lamps skyrocket around Diwali. We went to visit an old part of Bangalore to check out THE place to buy clay everything. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Pottery Town! Where you’ll see row after row, tray after tray of diyas, freshly made. 




Tucked away behind Frazer and Cox town, a 5-minute drive from Cantonment Railway Station, this little village of about 60 acres was handed to potters and their families on a long lease to practice their art. The area is really a collection of homes, each one a little shop overflowing with clay lamps, pots and utensils, drying in the sun.


What makes this place what it is, is the people. In an era of mass production and huge brands, it’s incredible to see a community of artisans, still practicing an old art, teaching the generations that follow.


Diyas being made on a potter's wheel!

Diyas being made on a potter’s wheel!


The potters make the diyas with astonishing speed, fashioning the shape of a wide, shallow bowl in mere seconds. It’s almost hypnotic, watching a little lump of wet clay transform into this bowl, completed with a quick flick and pinch to create the spout where a wick will lie.


Embellishments on the surface of the clay add an aesthetic touch to the many products available here. Made with sticks, chisels, or extra clay, the patterns are simple, rustic and charming. The sheer variety of products available at Pottery town means that you’re bound to find something beautiful to light up your home this festive season!


Pick up a whole lot of diyas and scatter them around your home this Diwali. Line a staircase, create a centrepiece on your dining or coffee table, light up your balcony, or even the ground leading up to your front door. Maybe even buy a few larger clay pots for decoration, add a string of jasmine or marigold and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous festive corner!


And most importantly, by shopping at Pottery Town, you are promised a truly heart-warming experience, while helping support a community of potters and artists! What could be better than that?