Who doesn’t love a sweeping room with rich wooden floors? Hardwood floors are the perfect addition to a home – be it with rough stone niches and brick walls or an extension of minimalistic décor with pristine white walls or steel. But their gorgeous deep browns, fine grain and rings come with a price. Though stunning, it’s best to know exactly what you’re getting into before laying a wooden floor, and Houzify is here to help!



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Wood flooring comes in a wide variety – in terms of wood, types of installation, patterns and even finishes that you can stain with colours. Oak, fir, birch, cherry, maple and walnut are commonly used for true-wood flooring, as pine is comparatively soft and dents easily. Bamboo, a new environmentally conscious entrant, is being used not only for its durability but also because of its abundant availability. Pre-finished wood can be purchased in strips, planks or tiles – each with its unique installation style. Most of these can be re-finished when necessary except for those that are veneer layers on a backing board, which need to be replaced.



Beauty, Above All!

(L) Home of Nila A ,  (R) Design by A360


The warmth and natural beauty of wooden floors ensure a stylish yet cozy interior. The feel is warmer than tile flooring, more convenient to maintain than carpeting and goes with pretty much every look. Its neutral colour palette coupled with flexible finish make it easy to use as the basic decorating tool, one that can be buffed and refinished with stains or clear coats depending on what the room needs.


Long Lasting!

One of the greatest perks of hardwood floors is that when cared for properly, it can last for a lifetime! In fact, even if not in perfect condition, a little sanding, refurbishing and coating can give them a new lease and have them looking as good as new. Maintenance requirements for wooden floors are minimal – sweep, wipe and vacuum periodically. Buffing them once every few months ensures its longevity and surfacing – impossible when it comes to carpets or tiles.


(L) Home of Shonali Mathias (R) Home of Shailesh Kochhar



When installed without any gaps and grooves, wooden flooring doesn’t attract and trap lint, dust and pet-dander like carpets and rugs. Just one swift round of sweeping or vacuum and the floor boards will be spotless and dust-free!


Creative upgrade

There are a variety of wood, stains and patterns to choose from. Each wood with its own unique character can be further spruced up. The additional option of mixing and matching wood-types or laying them in design to create a floor that is one of a kind.


Home of Neeti Chaudhry


Warm and Toasty

The last of the pro’s –wooden flooring is ideal for chilly climates. It acts as an insulator and traps in the heat, making the room comfortable and appealing.



An Expensive Choice

While hardwood floors are a worthwhile investment, it definitely costs more than any other commonly used option. That means it has to be worked into the budget in advance or will be left out altogether.


Home of Shailesh Kochhar


Wear and tear

While buffing can refurbish the floor, it isn’t easy – wood is prone to scratches. Not ideal if you tend to move furniture a lot, or if you have pets in your home! Another issue is its vulnerability to humidity, moisture and weather. Spills and drips can be wiped off immediately, but an unattended leak or seepage in the adjacent walls can ruin the floor. This vulnerability makes it unsuitable in the kitchen or laundry areas.

The other possible long-term affect would be warping and bending of the board itself, a direct result of an uneven substructure that has to be checked properly before the floor is laid!



Every big decision in the home decorating or re-decorating process requires lists of pros and cons and weighing the consequences, and we do hope this one makes your decision to install hard-wood floors a little bit easier. Watch this space for more comparisons and pros-and-cons lists! Write in to us if you have any specific comparisons you’d like to read about! Happy decorating!