Ever looked around your home and wished you could give it a makeover? Well, it’s easier than you think. It is easy to be intimidated by the idea that makeovers are expensive and time consuming. But, to transform a room, all you need is a little creativity and some effort. Here are our top picks for stunning transformations!


Neel e

Photo credits: Dhruti Vaidya

This is every book-lover’s dream – a full wall in a room that can accommodate the never-ending stream of books – an absolute must have. Nowadays, a wall bookshelf doesn’t mean an entire wall of dark wood and symmetrical shelves filled with books. There are several designs – staggered, abstract, wood, steel, stone – to satisfy anyone’s taste. This asymmetric design in the home of young Neel Karpe warms up the entire room, while the staggered shelves and the wall peeking from here and there maintain a lighter feel. Juxtaposed with the large windows and flowing green curtains, this is one of our favourite wall designs!

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Sahana e

Photo credits: Meghna Das

This doorway in Sahana Das’ home was always a little boring. But replacing a full front door, or even investing in a good quality veneer was not the most attractive of ideas. So when she found a Bangalore based organization called Madhyam, that brings traditional folk artists and painters to do installations in homes and office spaces, she jumped at the opportunity.

The stunning Maharashtrian Warli mural next to the door took over 7 hours to complete. It was painted meticulously with different sized paintbrushes and a tiny ear bud for each leaf. Doesn’t this stunning traditional Warli tree just make the space come alive!


Sandhya e

Photo credits: Heiko Miele

We all have special memories that we collect in the form of photographs, notes from friends, concert tickets or little tidbits from special moments. Sandhya found a beautiful and simple way to put some of her most special moments in once place and give the wall above her bed a complete makeover!

“Printed pictures are always nicer than pictures on your phone,” she says. “I started this in my college hostel room. It made me feel closer to home and reminded me of all the wonderful people in my life and how full of love it is. It has helped me through my lowest days.”


Tushar e

Photo credits: Meghna Das

One day, Tushar woke up and decided that white walls weren’t doing anything for him anymore. This creative engineering student is all about DIY projects. So, one day, he just bought a big tub of bright red paint and covered the largest wall in his room. With a big sponge, and a little bit of black paint added to create a deeper shade of red, he carefully dabbed on a brick pattern.

Once dry, an abstract pattern with chalk has been drawn which has been slowly growing from the edge of the wall, inwards, over the last few months. This is what it looks like right now, but who knows what it will transform to a few months from now!

These were our favourite picks for wall transformations. With a little creativity, time and effort, your home can be a mirror to your passion. Take a picture or two of your home makeover and share your ideas with us!

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