Each home has those spaces which epitomise our beliefs – a quiet refuge for peace and guidance. In Indian homes, it usually is a carefully selected nook or area, where our chosen gods reside. Here we showcase 5 such sacred spaces.

1. Holy motifs
What strikes the eye is the rust coloured motifs placed as the backdrop for this puja room. This sacred space follows all the dictates of what has come to be accepted the norm. The low beautiful marble top works as a platform to seat the carved mantapa for the gods and allows for ground seating. Convenient wood drawers match the dark wood flooring. The beautiful brass bells at various heights add to the aura.

1 LSDA e

Designed by LSDA

2. Musical faith
This sacred space is a true example of that celebration called life. Here we find music and belief merged to create an homage to all that is right with the world. The bold red border creates contrast for the muted yet intricately patterned wallpaper. The altar in a brilliant yellow with the beautiful idol of Madonna complements the organ in a manner reminiscent of a church. The white and blue accents add to the visual drama.

2 Carlton Braganza e

Home of Carlton Braganza

3. God’s great outdoors
This is one sacred space that brings our beliefs into the most natural of environments. It is an example of all that is organic with the use of rough granite blocks along with its highly polished version creating a contrast of textures and colours. The simple yet elegant mantapa, the glint of the brass in the abundant natural sunlight and the verdant green of the plants create an outdoor haven which makes us marvel at the endless bounty of the almighty.

3 Jaisim Fountainhead 2 e

Designed by Jaisim Fountainhead

4. Artistic divinity
A sacred space which fuses various art forms and geometric shapes to create an effortless elegance. The colour palette is predominantly black and white with hints of colour apparent in the beautiful inlay of the marble flooring. The gold and black of the gods contrast with the silverware used for puja. The variously textured glass used in the ceiling coupled with the concealed lighting creates a visual delight.

4 Shernavaz Interiors e

Designed by Shernavaz Interiors

5. Contemporary devotion
A brilliant amalgamation of marble, glass and tradition is what epitomises this sacred space. This puja room is a glass-encased space which blends into the living space of the home. The gods are visible to all and are integrated into the daily lives of those they protect. The hanging brass lamps and the silver idols enhance the time-honoured rituals and beliefs. A modern take on the traditional concept – simultaneously a closed space yet permitting uninhibited flow of light and space visually.

5 Bava Rachane Designs & Build e

Designed by Bava Rachane Designs & Build

At the end, the important thing is to have a space in your home where you can be at peace, where you can feel relaxed and one with the universe. And for every other space in your home, you always have Houzify :)
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