Brand Name: Can of Juice
Price Range: Rs.175 to Rs.4000
Style: Quirky, Accessories, Customisable

Retail Presence:
• Caravan Hands, Mumbai
• Little Quirk Shop, Pune
• Mee Store, Chennai
• Upbeatz, Bangalore

CanofJuice - Brainchild of Vishan

CanofJuice – Brainchild of Vishvan Saran

Walking into the ‘CanofJuice‘ office was like walking into a secret underground designer’s congregation. Psychedelic hand painted skulls and quirky printed posters covered the walls. Young designers sipped coffee, deeply engrossed in their own space.

Vishvan Saran started CanofJuice after realising that there was a gap that needed to be filled between consumer and designer. Offering limited edition designer home decor, CanofJuice has a colourful medley of products ranging from trays, cushion covers and table mats to one-of-­a-­kind table accessories.

Casually holding a replica of a human skull in one hand, he explained, “We experiment a lot with products. Recently we came out with a series of skulls. We had 50 skulls handcrafted in fibreglass and then distributed them to a few artists who had their own interpretation of what they would like to see on a skull.”

Conversation Pieces - Artwork on skulls!

Conversation Pieces – Artwork on skulls!

Vishvan moved from working only on wall art to extending his range of products to include different kinds of home decor. He began introducing seasonal themes every three months. “For summer, we came out with a lemons and melons theme – fruity, refreshing, bright and summer­y. We have a team of in-­house designers and we also work with two more artists; one in London and one in Bangalore. So, beginning with just wall art, we extended our collections to home decor products, books, or anything that we could conceptualise with digital art.”

CanofJuice targets the dynamic consumer in his or her 20s, frequently shifting homes, starting new jobs or setting up their own companies. So far the fastest moving product ranges have been the cushion covers, trays, and wall art. “We are coming out with the monsoon season collection very soon.”, he promises. “We are also collaborating with more artists to offer more products. For us, it is not only about being an online store. Many of our customers would like to touch and feel the products.”

Production work is carried out all over the country, in Tirpur, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Vendor screening involved over 5 months of meetings to ensure the best quality products at good prices. Currently CanofJuice offers custom orders through its online channel and market exhibits, focussing on quality rather than large production numbers.

More Products

CanofJuice also offers shipping services across the country as well as overseas. At the moment, the brand has successfully debuted at leading metros and is also looking forward to creating its presence in tier 2 cities like Chandigarh, Jaipur and Indore.