An electric blue planter in my friend’s home is what inspired me to find Hybiscus, the garden store. Despite having gone through Cunningham Road in Bangalore at least a thousand times, I had never seen a garden store. Housed within Hatworks Boulevard, a cluster of stores within a heritage home, it wasn’t surprising that I had missed it.

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But the small side entrance leads into a large garden space which has a tantalizing display of the wares that are sold. The owner, Anita Shah, has ensured that the products are displayed in a manner that is not only visually very appealing but also educative; which planters are ideal for what plants and how you can display it for maximum visual effect, it’s all there!

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Anita’s passion for gardening and her inability to find a garden store like the ones abroad is what inspired her to conceptualize and set up in Bangalore. Hybiscus Nature’s Space is a garden enthusiast’s dream, stocking a wide range of items that go from minimalistic to eclectic. From planters in various textures, colours, and shapes to water fountains, statues, studio pottery, hammocks, plants, organic pesticides and outdoor garden furniture, there are a lot of products that are sourced both locally and from the far East. Anita has gone a step further and has her products customized and colour coordinated as per her and her customers’ requirements.

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In a city where there are constraints in space, Hybiscus helps to stylishly quench the thirst to surround oneself with a bit of greenery and ensure that your little patch of green is photo worthy and the topic of conversation for days to come.

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Find them here:
No 32, Hatworks Boulevard,
Cunningham Road, Bangalore-560052
Ph: 080 41131500

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