What started out as the dream of three ceramists – Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladro – in 1953, has today become one of the most popular and sophisticated ceramic works in the world. Exported to over 120 countries in five continents, Lladro has proven to be the biggest little atelier (a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer) in the world.



Nikhil Lamba (COO, Lladro India) at Lladro, Bangalore


For the festive season, the Spirit Of India Collection by Lladro is keeping with the love for detail and colour. The handmade porcelain sculptures are inspired by dreams and fantasy, traditions, literature and art, nature and daily life of India. All pieces are handcrafted to perfection. The most popular Lord Shiva Sculpture comes in a limited number of 720 pieces at Rs. 7,20,000/- per piece. But just look at the detailing!




“The collection comes with Lladro’s most famous creations of porcelain with soft colouring and smooth finishes. Symbolism and craftsmanship are combined in this high porcelain piece that is a true gem in itself,” explained Nikhil Lamba, COO, Lladro India.




The Living Light Collection is a series of brilliantly crafted home decor lighting with spectacular chandeliers to USB-charged table lamps. For the minimalist luxury of contemporary interiors to the sophistication of romantic palaces, each lamp helps one rediscover the sensations of natural and organic light. The elegant hanging Mademoiselle Lamps have an intricate floral pattern so delicately carved that the ceramic glows under its light!




You can watch the artists at work over here!

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