It’s getting warmer and the quintessential thirst for something citrus is back. It’s the season where nature puts out her spread of verdant shades from lemony greens to deep emerald! This change of seasons has always been magical for me and what better way to welcome the bounty than a home reverberating the shades?

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Colours are back. Scroll down for our Spring-Summer Palette. Designed by Be Vintage

Decor enthusiasts from all over the world are releasing their spring palette via blogs and photos, and here I have a couple of my own palettes to show you which might be handy while setting your home up for the season.

From wall colours to upholstery; from accents to functional furniture – here are a few handpicked colour palettes, this one which I have put together, to inspire you this spring-summer.

The Sea Side Palette

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Aqua, teal, tangerine and pearly hues will dominate spring-summer 2016. I am also seeing custard yellow and chartreuse being the new inclusions and favourites. Chartreuse they say is the new lime for the season, and I think it’s definitely a better shade of lime to play with. It’s simply impossible to not fall in love with these vibrant mid-tones!

1 Neha Doshi e

Home of Neha Doshi

You can read more about her home here.

The Gentleman’s Study Palette

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Believe me or not, jewel tones will be in. Light coffee, honey tones, shades of grey and dark greens inspired by jewels like emerald green will be in this summer too. Might sound too uptight for summer but played with a touch of copper and marble, we don’t see why it can’t be a cheerful shade albeit classy.

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Designed by Banaji & Associates

The Summer Party Palette

3 Palette

How can it be summer with no pop shades in the list? Tangerine/Coral, grey toned fuchsia, bright chartreuse and pale pinks will make it to the list too: think retro, but toned right (if not down), to fit a 2016 home.

3 Rukmini Roy e

Home of Rukmini Roy Kadam

The Hydrangea Hues Palette

4 Palette

Navy, lavender-toned blue, lime and bright chartreuse slathered with a generous amount of white will be a palette to look for this year. Expect highlights in terms of accents in brass and custard yellow. Pantone released Serenity as one-half of its “colour of the year” along with smoky rose and it’s everywhere this spring. This lavender infused blue is reminiscent of hydrangeas and it gives me all the more reason to want to play along with this serene shade. I’m calling this palette the Hydrangea Dreams.

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So, which palette are you choosing for your home this season? Let us know in the comments below.
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