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Studio Ezube provides stunning interiors for both residential and commercial projects – from creating design schemes to space planning. They embrace the concept of design with a global influence and believe that good design is the perfect marriage of a passionate designer, an eager client and the ideal space. Guided by the client’s aspirations and their diverse experiences, the firm tailors interiors to match each client’s individuality.

These are excerpts of our interview with Kanika Pahwa, Chief Architect & Designer at Studio Ezube, on their latest project.

What were the factors taken into account while designing this home?

The house was a bit of a mess when we took on the project. As it was a 3BHK, each of the family members had their own room. The basic tenet we followed was to keep it simple and use neutral colours with accents in flashy bright colours for a youthful feel.

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Were there any challenges faced while designing this home?

As it was an old building, we faced a lot of structural limitations. Maintaining the quality of finishes on the old structure is always quite a challenge. Renovation always involves more work when compared to a totally new construction.

What was the plan that you followed?

A contemporary design involves the creation of a space featuring bright interiors with hints of dominant colours; calm yet crisp interiors to contrast the unbridled chaotic exterior. We used textures and details ranging from new fabrics to mixed media elements like wood, stone and metal. A balance between colours, textures and shapes within the interior created harmony and singularity which blends into a whole.

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The wall behind the bed in each bedroom was chosen as the highlighter wall and we selected a suitable texture to go with the concept. We used wooden flooring to create a warm and cosy feel, in all the bedrooms. The wooden tiles were laid to show off the grain and create a pattern. Cream coloured vitrified tiles run throughout the remaining areas of the house. False ceiling in POP has been done throughout. All the painted surfaces were done in white to provide a feeling of openness and light at the same time creating a perfect backdrop for the bright colours we intended to use as accents.

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The kitchen was kept simple with most of the shuttering done in a light wood offset by open shelves in a bright orange laminate. Storage units till the ceiling create an illusion of height.

What would be your advice to homeowners looking to design their homes?

Try to use neutral/basic colours everywhere except for soft furnishings and accessories. These are easily replaced to create a new look altogether.

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