I have to admit, they had me at “re-loved furniture”. The charm in a piece of furniture often comes from its story. For their first exhibition, Studio Wood Collective created an entire collection of furniture made entirely from old pieces they found left for dead and gave them a fresh new life and place in contemporary design.


Their approach is simple; “It all starts with a pen and paper”. Each member of the team translates their current inspiration into an idea for a piece of furniture and the collective together with the technical consultancy of the karigars go ahead and build the piece, after a unique process of deconstruction. Each piece is treated differently, deposited with its very own essence.

The group’s collective design sensibilities tend to be guided by grids. You can see this in their straight-lined, simple ideas, a canvas for bold colour palettes and graphic design elements. The team makes a conscious effort to avoid rigidity in design and are always reminding themselves that the goal is to contribute, not take away from an environment.


Jenga Cabinet


It’s a combination of chic, stunning design and charming authenticity that the Studio Wood Collective so elegantly embody. Their dream project would be a vacation villa. The opportunity to design an experience along with the space would more than satisfy their collective and individual design aspirations.

When asked if they could describe their work and mission in three words, they said “Make it matter.” Perfectly apt, if you ask us. The diversity within and among their collections is testament to the constant evolution of design that occurs on the creative field at SWC. We foresee a long, colourful and forever relevant future for this fine young house of design. Stay up to date with their happenings at http://www.studiowood.co.in/