Succulents are gorgeous, easy to care for and just absolutely delightful. It’s a trend we’d gladly get behind, so we put together a little list of online stores where you can easily purchase a variety of succulents, bonsais and other stunning exotic plants. Go on and up the zen-level at home by filling it with greenery and great energy.

1. www.chhajedgarden.com
This comprehensive store has almost everything you need to be a bonafide gardener, along with nearly 200 different succulents to choose from. Super easy to navigate and easy on the eyes, Chhajedgarden is a great store.

2. www.nurserylive.com
Although this shop has a fairly small selection of succulents, it’s a great place to visit if you’re a gardening newbie. They have a huge variety of tools, plants, seeds and other products that have been categorised intuitively to help you make informed decisions.

3. www.pepperfry.com
The online furniture giant recently added a gardening section to their hugely popular website and we’re thrilled to see a few succulents up there among some other beautiful natural plants. You can find these succulents in the home decor section, but we find it easier to just use the search bar.

4. www.mudfingers.com
More of a gift shop, Mudfingers has a lovely variety of succulents, but we really enjoyed browsing through the terrariums! You can get them in different sizes, shapes and bowls. Our favourites are the jar terrariums.

5. www.gamlaa.com
No succulents to be found here, but they have adorable terrariums, a few bonsais, seeds and a pretty massive collection of indoor and outdoor plants. Definitely worth a browse, if not more.

6. www.rollingnature.com
We love to hang out on this beautifully designed website. Most of their succulents are sold out at the moment, but there are a few lovelies on sale. Make sure to also check out their medicinal and good luck plants.

If you know of any other stores and nurseries that sell gorgeous little plants, share it with the Houzify community in the comments section. We’re all here to learn!

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