In celebration of World Environment Day, we went out looking for unique sustainable designs from around the country. Not surprisingly, we found ourselves immersed in a wealth of inspiration. Using everything from bamboo to banana fibre, Indian designers are creating products that are responsibly lavish. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Woodstruck, Cochin
Husband and wife duo Khadija and Ziad Sali design eclectic-chic furniture made from plantation sourced hard woods, sustainable materials like water hyacinth, sea grass, abaca and rattan. 


2. The Retyrement Plan, Mumbai
Anu Tandon Vieira and her team of artisans use old rubber tyres from  scooters, cars, buses and trucks, enveloped in a colourful twine made from garment industry cast offs like plastic wrappers. Additional framework is made from old wood, bamboo or cane.


3. Wellpaper, Auroville
WELL (Women’s Empowerment through Local Livelihood) empowers local village women with skills to build, manage and maintain self-sustaining units. All Wellpaper products are hand-made from recycled newspaper into art and accessories.


4. Green The Gap
This online mega-upcycle-brand offers a world of home and lifestyle products made from eco-friendly materials in designs that are quirky, elegant and fun.

5. Jenny Pinto, Bangalore
Using banana fibre, Jenny Pinto has created a beautifully whimsical collection of lighting. Her designs are earthy and feminine, often resembling something from an enchanted forest.


6. Alaya, Dehradun
Through their creations, Alaya promotes ecological living, environmental awareness and sustainable use of natural and renewable resources. Their designs perfectly incorporate the wholesomeness of natural living with modern minimalism.

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