Terraces are easily one of the most underused parts of a home. Home owners often forget the potential these large spaces have. You can create a little haven of peace right on top of your home. It can be used for get togethers, barbecues, or even just so that you can curl up with a good book on a pleasant night. Terrace sit outs are a great way to use those large spaces. They do a lot in terms of functionality and can be very pretty to look at.


Tile Roof Patio

Home of Asha Raghavan 


Tiled roofs are an evergreen trend that will never fizzle out. Using tiled roofs to create a patio on your terrace is a great idea. With one half of your terrace a patio, the other half can consist of a potted garden.  Bight pots with large plants are a great way to add some greenery to your terrace. Add a bar counter too, a nice shelf to hold your glasses and drinks, and some nice furniture to go with the whole look and you have a fresh, bright terrace sit out!


Small Terrace Solutions 

Home of Xavier Santosh


Small terraces are perfect for cozy sit outs. Often home owners assume that they cannot do much with a small terrace because of limited space. You can design your terrace such that it is lush with green plants, and has a picket fence. Lay your terrace floor with terracotta tiles, or red oxide tiles, and furnish your sit out with some contrasting pieces of furniture. Be wise about the furniture you choose to use on your terrace. Use water resistant furniture, and furniture that is easy to clean if your terrace doesn’t have a covering. If you want to use your terrace for social purposes having a small sink and a mirror will make increase the functionality of your sit out!



Home of Nisha Vijay


Your terrace sit out need not be elaborate or have lots of furniture. A single wooden bench with a distressed finish, or even a stone bench does the job quite well. To make your terrace elegant, you can lay it with grass and some plants. A single bench in the midst of all that green along with a few tasteful design elements such as statues or ceramic pots will make your terrace look like it’s been pulled right out of a storybook!


Colours All Around

Home of Aradhna Lanba


Colours are always a beautiful addition to any home. A colourful terrace sit out, if designed and furnished properly, can do no wrong. Even small terraces can be designed the same way.  Ethnic prints and bright colours together may seem like a bit too much, however end results are truly spectacular. You can even paint the door to the terrace, install brick walls and paint them as well. This could be a great DIY project. Line those walls with some paintings, a cover for your painted furniture and you will have a unique, beautiful terrace sit out!


Large Terrace Sit Outs

Design by Shroffleon


Large Terraces have great potential. You can divide your terrace into three sections and design accordingly. A slim, contemporary finish and light furniture are some amazing ways to use this space. Wooden flooring and panels can be used to play with light that falls onto your sit out. Make sure you use furniture that will not fade if constantly exposed to natural wear and tear. Plant a small tree, or large plant in the centre of your terrace and it will finish your look with perfection.



Small or large, there is potential in every terrace. These terrace sit out ideas are our favourite and we hope that they inspire to do something great with yours. Watch this space for more!