The design world awaits this announcement with bated breath. It is after all that which determines its direction. This year however, it was special – an unexpected windfall, like a complimentary dessert at a restaurant. The Pantone Color Institute declared, for the first time in history, two colours for the year 2016. For the uninitiated, Pantone is the global colour authority pundit that usually selects one colour to bask in the glory of ‘Colour of The Year’; only this time, we got two. Serenity and Rose Quartz, they said; one, a soft blue and the other, a light powder pink. And while these colours are usually relegated to adorn the walls of babies’ nurseries, they make for spectacular home décor themes as well! Let me walk you through some amazing options to spruce up your home this year!

1 Pantone Colours e

Pantone Colours of the year |

2 Pantone Room e

Room with Pantone colours |

Start by adding some life to your sofa set by throwing in some pink embroidered throw pillows. Go ahead and interlace these with soft blue square pillows, to convert your living space into a dreamy escape.

3 Pink Cushion e

Embroidered cushion cover | Tia Pakhi

To add some depth to your living room, think vases! Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers have a magical quality that can brighten up any décor, however bleak. Go the DIY way and refurbish old vases with a lick of paint in pastel blues and pinks. Add a beautiful contrast by topping the vase with a different texture, like flat cork or textured fabric. Or, pick out a ready-made one with some silver embellishments. Then pair them with some pretty white daisies!

Pink vase | By Live Laugh Love

5 Blue Vase The Ashleys e

Blue vase with white flowers | By The Ashleys

Next, bring out the dinnerware! Who’d have thought that crockery could fit into your home décor scheme? Believe it or not, gorgeous dinnerware can serve as great table accents to your home and liven up the holiday season!

6 Dinnerware e

Dinnerware in colours of the year |

Nothing says summer like sky blue or floral pink highlights in a neutral room. Paint your worn out cabinets with a lovely floral pink, or add powder blue blinds to your little one’s bedroom with bed sheets a darker shade of the colour of the year!

7 Verve Interio Pink e

Pink cabinet | By Verve Interio

8 Savio & Rupa e

Blue blinds | By Savio & Rupa

Here is the fun bit. Take a couple of box stools and reupholster them with beautiful patterned fabric in pink and blue! This will create the ideal colour layers that you need in a living room.

9 Shonali e

Blue and pink seating | Home of Shonali

We are prone to using shoe boxes for storage, while that’s totally practical, it’s not very pretty. So here’s a pretty yet practical alternative: invest in printed wicker baskets! Wicker is charming and blends in wonderfully with any kind of furniture. What’s more? You can use the baskets to store newspapers, toys or random thingamabobs that don’t have a place to call home!

10 Wicker e

Pink wicker |

Now who can forget the lighting? Go for some oval shaped hanging lights with alternate blue and white lines or a soft pink table lamp.

PS. Note the blue sofa chairs in the room. :)

11 Blue Lamp Palettino e

Blue hanging lights | By Palettino

12 Pink Lamp Morph Design e

Pink table lamp | By Morph Design

And finally, if you have the luxury of a large outdoor space, add some pink cushions to hanging chairs for a bright and fun-filled look!

13 Outdoor Inspiring Spaces e

Pink cushions in an outdoor setting | By Inspiring Spaces

There you go, your lookbook with the Pantone Colours of 2016!
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