Invading, winning over and successfully ruling the decoration world, poufs and ottomans are versatile furniture choices. Taking the décor world by storm, the pouf when strategically placed in your home could make a world of difference. Convenient and versatile, the Pouf-Ottoman Empire is here to stay.

The pouf is a large cylindrical or cubic cushion used as a seat and is available in different shapes and sizes to fit almost any space. It is as varied as the types of cloth available in the market. In contrast an ottoman is a low seat made with wooden legs, a wooden box frame and a cushioned top.


Earthy minimal living, straight from Studio Wood

First and foremost, they are exciting as a décor accessory as they allow leeway to be  unconstrained, giving you the chance to add an accent of absolutely anything into your home; crazy colors, the polkas of the seventies, furry seating, animal print, Persian weaves, pop images, wacky shapes and sizes – you name it and you can have it.


Peppy Poufs in the home of Shonali Mathias, Bangalore





















                                                                                                    It is not only about what the room calls for, it is also about how far you can stretch the limits of design and experimentation with constant mixing, matching and juxtaposing of colors, patterns and textures that at first glance may seem unrelated. Modern design is all about the unexpected – objects that seem to stand out and make a statement, yet look just right in their setting.

Its unexpectedness extends to its uses as well, naturally. An all-rounder, it acts most obviously as casual extra space for an unusually large gathering and equips you with spur-of-the-moment seating solutions.

That’s not all – you can choose your pouf according to what you need. There is a reason they rule the world of interior design and decoration; ladies and gentlemen, a pouf has a lot to offer. Considering that by definition an ottoman is an object or stuffing covered by a printed, colored or textured surface, assures the fact that you can use the insides functionality just as much as the beauty of the exterior!

Starting with box ottomans for storage, you could use them to create a safe place for a toddlers play area – no sharp corners and edges. Another easy fix is to buy just the cover and stuff in old rags instead of recycling! If you’re crafty, then you could even make your own and if the design is simple then the material shouldn’t cost anything more than a few hundred.


From ethnic to chic and contemporary, poufs and ottomans from the home of Anaheeta Pinto – Bangalore and Spaces Architects


Project by Abhay Cheema, Bangalore











































If you want to push the fun to the next level, unusual ottomans are being experimented with by many a designer. Old tires , magazines stacked and fastened, fuzzy sheep and bunnies, large puzzle pieces – pretty much everything exists, it is only about what you look for. Such adaptable furniture has never been invented before and the fact that it is light, small and easy to move with the added flexibility of what it looks like from the outside makes it idyllic for any kind of home – from a country home housing a huge family to a bachelor pad.