Diwali is a joyous time when we open our homes to the love and laughter of friends and family. But this goes hand in hand with smeared chutney on your new cushion; fingerprints on your sofa, spilt chai and wine, and melted wax puddles. Before the seasonal glow fades into a horrifying aftermath, here are some quick tips on cleaning up after Diwali! The trick is to be focused and corner one thing at a time.

Before you start cleaning, de-clutter by taking down all the lights and the decorations used. Wrap them up in bubble wrap and pack them away. Start cleaning from the living room. Check your carpets and furniture for stains, glass and wooden surfaces for dust and glass ring marks. The best thing according to me for cleaning furniture and glass is Mr. Muscle. Originally made for cleaning grime and rust off the kitchen and bathroom essentials, this works beautifully on cleaning stained sunmica or wooden surfaces. But if you want something simple, some warm water, a rough towel and a spoon of detergent will work just as well.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.56.31 pm

Image source: Wiki How. Warm water, a rough towel and a spoon of detergent.


Nothing cleans glass like a spray of clean water and newspaper wipe for spotless glass surfaces. Newspaper, unlike cloth, will leave no lint or streaks and will clean beautifully!


Using newspaper to clean glass


Stains on loose fabric: Dab a paste of baking soda and water over the stain directly and keep it aside for a few minutes before soaking in warm detergent water. Alternatively stain removers like Vanish or any non chlorinated bleach could be used.


Baking soda works well to get rid of fabric stains.



Stains on fixed upholstery: Directly dab anti-stain paste or solution to the area, scrub with a medium brush and dab excess water with a towel. Rub the area with a clean-semi wet cloth and dry it immediately with a hair dryer.

Beautiful diyas cause oil stains which once settled are difficult to remove! Just dab baby powder, followed by a solution of dishwashing detergent and water. Use a brush in circular motion to work up lather. Brush from both sides of the fabric. Dried wax drops can be peeled off and later cleaned with detergent.

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Use a brush and some powder to get rid of stubborn oil stains.

Clean any stains on the wall with soapy water and soft sponge. This is where your choice of paint will come into play but soapy water will work irrespective of the paint quality. If you have a lime based paint, it might wash off a bit.

Tips to make it easy

Immediate action will ensure a stress-free post party clean up.

  • Keep a bucket filled with sand to place used firecrackers. This will save you a lot of clean up.
  • Keep plenty of coasters to place glasses on.
  • Soak up any spilt oil with tissue paper immediately.
  • Wipe any spills as soon as possible.
  • Keep a lot of tissues or napkins on hand.

Happy Partying!