The perfect lighting makes the perfect home. Good lighting is something that is always appreciated, and makes a rather bold statement. The options are endless, from the classic table lamps to elegant hanging lamps, every home has perfect lamp waiting! Here are a few for you to ogle at and be inspired!


Hanging Lamps

(L) Design by Skywalk design, (R) Design by Palettino


Hanging lamps are all the rage. They are classy and make most of the space that they are given. The vertical, hanging structure of these lamps helps make sure your space is not cluttered and makes your space seem bigger. They are most often found in corners of a room, or over tables. The trend is to have multiple lamps in the same area, however singular hanging lamps are not far behind. The price of hanging lamps differ on the basis of detail, number, and size of the lamp. A single suspended lamp with extensive detail is far more expensive than multiple lamps that consist of just a chord and a bulb. Hanging lamps, or “drop lamps” are a huge hit on the online forum and are sold on furniture websites like Pepperfry, and other shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay. You could even visit a lighting store and get one custom made. These, are the most expensive ones.


Table lamps 

(1) Design by Francis Joseph Niyati, (2) Design by Raj Mundra, (3) Design by Ritika Zharotia


Table lamps are a great investment, they make a room look cozy in an instant. They can be moved and replaced frequently. Change the look and feel of your room by simply changing the lamp! Replacing a plain white lampshade, with an eclectic ethnic lampshade can do wonders. Tables lamps come in a number of designs, a tall table lamp with silhouette cut outs is a great design. So are lampshades that are made of stained glass, printed canvas, or just plain cloth. The body of the lampshade is just as important, an intricately designed, bright body can do wonders in a room packed with subtle shades. Bright ethnic lamps, victorian pieces, or even contemporary sleek lampshades are amazing decor elements!


Wall Lamps

(L) Image Source: (R) Image Source: Pinterest

There is a rather large misconception that wall lamps cannot be different. Wall lamps are usually just simple frosted glass, or coloured glass plates that are bent. But, they can be different and create a running theme in your space. Unconventional designs, geometric shapes and patterns are not only make unique wall lamps but also some really cool wall installations! Some designs create shadows on the wall when switched on. This makes them all the more unique. Little perks such as these can really make a large plain wall look fantastic.
Wall lamps that need to be mounted onto a wall are available largely on the internet, websites such as Amazon, eBay, Peppefry, Lampsplus, Fabfurnish, etc. all sell some really elegant wall lamps of good quality for reasonable rates. However, designer wall lamps are priced at higher rates. Depending on the designer, material used, thickness of the material, glass or otherwise, labour, and detail, your lamp can range from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 12,000 and above.



Lamps are the perfect investment. They are reasonably priced and can make an entire room pop just on their own. Also, they have an added bonus of being wall installations! We hope you enjoyed our little collection of lamps. Do watch this space for more!