If you love entertaining friends at your home or socializing over a couple of drinks, a home bar will be a great addition to your home. The best place for your home bar is in the kitchen where you are within easy reach of the refrigerator should you want your drinks served chilled and where you can prepare snacks as well! To help you create the perfect bar space for your kitchen, we’ve put together some great ideas for you!


Bottle Racks


Bottle racks and holders are the perfect 2-in-1 solution for smaller kitchens: they are stylish and compact. Whether it’s a wall mounted wine stand or a bottle shelf by the fridge, bottle racks are a great way of bringing the fun vibes of a bar to your kitchen.


Island Bar

Kitchen islands are a trendy must-have for any large kitchen and what better way to incorporate the bar into your kitchen than to use your island as a bar counter? Adding storage space for your bottles and glasses and a few stylish bar stools to your kitchen island will convert it into a snazzy bar counter – perfect for house parties and gatherings.



The contemporary design by Welfurn (L) beautifully showcases the multi-functionality of a kitchen island: the red elevated shelf that hold the wine glasses, the sleek bar stools and the under island lighting converts it from a work station to a bar counter right out of a club. The design by Aegam (F), on the other hand, offers a more toned down style with it’s wide bar stools and wooden island (with cabinets) that is perfect for serving drinks during a brunch.


Foldable Bar Tables


This is the easiest way to integrate a bar into your kitchen is by integrating collapsible furniture. Set up your table, place your drinks and glasses on it and voila! you have your own mini bar. The unique bottle shelf in Asha Raghavan’s house has a door that also works as a bar table; thus saving space while giving the room a classy rustic vibe. The foldable table by Autohaus has drawers that are great to keep your bottles while the top transforms into a larger table which can also be used as a dining table!



Drinks are a great way to open an evening, break the ice, laugh over spirits, try out new recipes and unwind with friends. Try these ways of putting your bar in a casual, comfortable part of your home and watch it transform the way you entertain! And, as always, watch the Houzify Diaries for more on home transformation ideas!