Wondering how to make your kitchen space more interesting? The Kitchen Island is a design element rapidly gaining popularity in India and you should definitely consider adding one to your kitchen to spice up your cooking diaries.

Islands are a new addition to your list of kitchen layouts this season. A space with a multi-functional counter in the centre, this design incorporates both style and efficiency while you stir love, sprinkle happiness and serve memories.


(L) Kitchen island by Parallax Design
(R) In the home of Daya Sindhu


Say no to chaos:
It becomes easier for multiple people to work together in the kitchen without getting in each other’s way. Indian households would prefer this layout because we often have domestic help in our kitchens.

Hello partner:
Your gas stove can have it’s own Island chimney installed above the island to make your experience all the more efficient.

More to store:
Would you complain if you had the opportunity to create more storage space, other than the cabinets you have along your parallel platforms? You can treat your island as an additional storage space. You could make one side of it a book shelf to store your recipe books, have a small bar cabinet, and (if it’s your cooking spot) then cabinets and trolleys to store your spices and essential cutlery!


What’s Cooking?

You can choose to turn your island into an exclusive cooking spot and nothing else. Have your gas stoves fixed there and get your aprons on. And in case your stove feels lonely, you could always have a small basin next to it to help you keep the area cleaner.


PC: www.ctnturkey.com


Dining In Style
How about you give your island a make-over and convert it into a small dining table. Place comfortable chairs around it to complete this look and enjoy your meals on this not-so-mainstream or boring dining table.


Kitchen island converted to dining area in the home of Rajeev Agarwal!


Trouble Shooting!

Gas trouble

With Island kitchens, pipelines may pose a problem as you need permission from the Government to make the gas pipeline open. But if you choose to use cylinders instead, your problem is relatively solved.

A little more

You might face a tad bit of a hike in your budget because the island will require you to spend on the additional material.

Cleaning it up

Ducting process for the island chimneys might be a little inconvenient so you could opt for the one with filters installed in them, that can be removed and cleaned.


Design by Etendre


While installing one can be a time commitment, this is a definite style statement. It adds space, changes the navigation of the kitchen and set up a space ideal for cooking, chatting, having a drink or a casual meal with the family! So go out there and build your own Kitchen Island. Happy cooking! :)