Skylights are all the rage lately! Although restricted to bungalows, villas or penthouse apartments (for obvious reasons) skylights are being used more and more to include natural lighting into a home, provide a connection to the outdoor environment or even as a part of a sustainable design, since skylights can help with solar heating, natural cooling and ventilation in a home.


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Skylights were first used in ancient Rome. Closer to home, a Roshandan is a feature of North Indian architecture that uses beautiful jali designs in walls and ceilings – a sort of combined skylight and ventilating window!

Modern skylights can be fixed, operable and retractable. Which means that it could simply be a cut out in a ceiling, or a sliding window that can open up. Several designers, architects and new homeowners are installing trendy skylights in their bedrooms and bathrooms to let in natural light and fresh air! Perfect for an attic bedroom, above your kitchen island, or bathroom!


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Installation can be tricky, especially if it’s being done on a completed house as opposed to as a part of a brand new project. Leakages and cracks are a real concern so they need to be installed by an expert. Consult your architect for more information!


Skylights at Anumita and Rajaram’s home in Bangalore

Our favourite skylights in Bangalore are in the home of Anumita and Rajaram. When asked what made them install them, Anumita candidly replied “How else am I supposed to do my bathroom reading?”

Well, we can’t argue with that!