Walls are what make a home, quite literally! Walls are empty canvases that can be used to make your house beautiful. Wall paint is available in every shade and finish, you may want something unique for your home. From using textured paint, to wallpapers, and wall art, home owners are doing it all. We’re here to help you pick!

(1) Design by Colour Talk, (2) Home of Carlton Braganza, (3) Design by Colour talk

Textured Paint

(1) Home of Harsh Maheshwari, (2) Home of Neha Celly, (3) Designed by Mauve and Crimson Interior Solutions

Textured paint ranges from smooth to coarse. Smooth textures on a wall are usually made using subtle and cool colours, providing a visually soothing and calm feel. Coarse textures go better with dark colours. Different textures are created by using different types of strokes and materials. It can even be done as a fun DIY if you decide to experiment with putty, paint or cement. Try adding textures with brushes, sponges or even dried leaves and twigs. 
Textured walls are a great look and are usually installed on just one wall. It is different, durable, and easy to maintain. There are some great ways to decorate or furnish the wall so that it looks even more beautiful!

Wall Art 

(L) Designed by Colour Talk, (R) Designed by Sonali and Shammi

Wall art is quickly catching on. Which home owner wouldn’t want to have a wall that pops? Large walls in plain colours do have the tendency to look bland, and wall art helps fill up the space in a tasteful manner. You can customise what goes onto your wall – pick colours, patterns, designs, or even do it yourself! Wall Art doesn’t necessarily have to be only on walls, ceilings are also fun spaces to work with. Customising designs, creating pieces for your space is expensive depending on the size and the detail of what you want on your wall. A well thought out, beautiful design is a great addition to your home. Get designing!


(L) and (R) Home of Aradhna Lamba


Wallpapers are convenient, easy to replace and are aesthetically pleasing. There are numeral options with wallpapers. There are so many designs, you’re sure to find something you love! They are also often reasonably priced. Prices increase according to type of wall paper you use.


Vinyl coated wallpaper is the cheapest and Glass or Fabric coated wallpaper is the most expensive. The process of applying wallpaper does not take more than a few hours, it is not that messy and when it is completed your home will look twice as gorgeous!



There are so many options and just as many walls! So, what do you prefer? Channel your inner designer and create a masterpiece in your home. Watch this space for more design ideas and inspiration!