Gone are the days when the only idea people had was to prop up a little TV on a table and point all the seating towards it. Nowadays, TV units come with a lot of extended technology – sophisticated home theatre systems, DVD players, set top boxes… the works! So how do we integrate our TV and home theatre into the overall design of the home? We have some ideas and advice for you!



(L) Home of Juili Limaye (R) Home of Priya Mendens


Let’s start with the traditional idea: propping up a TV set on a table top. The advantage of this arrangement is that it is easily changed. It requires no structural modifications, so if you’re the kind who loves to change things around, then this plan is for you. Choose an area that is non-intrusive, and a table top that has place below it to hold the other devices like DVD players, speakers and set top boxes. Install lights above the TV preferably, to reduce the amount of glare likely no your screen.



(L) Design by (de)CoDe Architecture (R) Design by The Purple Backyard


In our opinion, niches are best for a bedroom. Place your TV into a niche in your wardrobe layout just in front of your bed and you can doze off to your favourite movie every weekend! You can even add a roll-down or sliding door to cover up the TV when not in use.



(1) Home of Harsh Maheshwari (2) Design by Spaces and Design (3) Home of Neetu Kashyap


What is your TV up against? No, literally! You want something aesthetic, but not too distracting from what’s on the screen itself! Wood is always a classic, but you could also consider cushioned upholstery in a neutral colour. If you’re a fan of textured paint, go ahead and use it. A simple white frame just around the TV itself will reduce the clash and highlight your TV screen!



Design by Jahanvee Shah Design Consultancy


Ever felt annoyed that your favourite chair isn’t at the right angle to the TV, or that the perfect spot is also directly under the fan, or in the blast of the AC? Add a swivel to your TV screen so that a little turn can allow you to watch in comfort from any spot in the room!



We hope these ideas helped spark a few thoughts about your own entertainment centre! We love indulgent alone time in front of the TV so we know how important it is for your TV area to be the perfect relaxation spot! Happy designing!