All of us take sunlight for granted. There is nothing as therapeutic or refreshing as the morning rays edging into your bedroom. When confined to a windowless space, it is only natural to feel claustrophobia and dull, dreary melancholy. Though daunting, with a little finesse and a keen eye a lot can be done to bring in cheer and the illusion of sunlight! Here we have a few tips to create this illusion in a windowless space.

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False French Windows (source)

This false French window created from mirror pieces set within a metal frame is a perfect example of how the mind can be cheated into believing in that there is more space and light.

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Skylight (source)

If you are on the top floor or have no built structure above, installing a skylight is the best thing to do. This way, you have access to daylight or starry nights. Though this can make it difficult to control the light that enters, as drapery is quite impossible.

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Backlit Frosted Glass (source)

Backlit frosted glass is a key element in this option. Placing a tube light behind a faux window gives off a warm, controlled glow that spreads and dissipates to all corners, imbuing the room with a muted, translucent light. Addition of lighting at various levels helps to tackle the lack of natural light.

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Frosted Glass Door (source)

Adding frosted glass to the door or even to an entire section of wall is another option. A glass door lets in more light and creates a feeling of more open spaces. Get as many panels of glass into the door as you require.

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Hidden Lighting (source)

Installing hidden lights beneath drawers or behind cabinets in the kitchen, between beams of a roof or behind bookshelves creates a feeling of reflected and streaming natural light. Hiding them, especially when the light faces a wall, makes you feel like there’s a window nearby.

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Door Transom (source)

Alternately, installing a transom on the door allows more natural light through. Transoms can be also be made between two adjacent spaces, but will only work if the room has a partition. It has the added advantage of letting air flow through the rooms and as in the picture above, it can also contribute to the décor.

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Transom on Bathroom Door (source)

Placing a transom above the bathroom door lets natural light into an otherwise dingy small bathroom.

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Large Mirrors. Design by Mika Design

Large mirrors are a must. Place them on walls where they can reflect the interiors as much as possible. The more the reflection, the brighter the room gets and creates a greater illusion of space.

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Thick Drapes. Design by IDAM Store

Placing thick drapes over a whole section of wall gives an impression of a window behind them where none really exists. Alternately a backlit faux window with floor length sheer curtains create a feel of natural light streaming through.

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Window Decals (source)

Window decals can be easily bought from any décor store. They come with various sceneries and create an illusion of an exterior space which inhibits the feeling of claustrophobia. Large artworks, white walls, bright paint on cupboards, colourful tapestries, and posters of wide open landscapes, all contribute to the positive space and brightness of the room.

Immersive virtual experiences are the next big thing if you want to go all in. Submerge into the colourful green of a jungle or the swishy blue depths of an ocean by projecting these moving pictures on your walls. Sound systems with ambient noise totally help augment this heightened experience, along with olfactory stimulation via incense sticks or potpourri.

Lastly, but by no means least, comes common sense and tradition. So long as you have a central focal point to the room, the layout often tends to sort itself out. Use these steps as a guide and slowly mould your windowless room into a lovely, well-lit, utilitarian space. Beyond this there are other options – glass bricks, mirrored tiles, glass partitions, mirrored furniture…the options are as endless as your creativity!

Backlit Window Frame lightens up the room (source)

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