Spaces in the home done entirely in white have become quite the style statement lately. Right from our favourite white-capsule bedroom in Carlton Braganza’s home to the textured white walls in Shonali Mathias’ living room, we’ve always been a fan of the all-white look! Kitchens done in white with a few splashes of carefully chosen colour can add a great feel to the home; classy, bold and fashionable. With green plants, citrus-coloured floral curtains or even teal crockery, you can feel refreshed every time you walk into your kitchen!
Here are some options for materials:
– White laminate
– Plywood with polyurethane coating
– White acrylic sheets on High Density Wood

These materials are easy to maintain and look beautiful on kitchen cabinets and drawers! Let’s look at some cool designs.




If you enjoy Victorian architecture and love to throw in a few flowers here and there to complete the look, then you’ll love this kitchen. These cabinets compliment the space and add just the right antique touch. With arches and the decorative trim as the dominant features and characterised by clean lines and glass cabinets, this look is for the elegant old souls!




Like experimenting with new ideas? Try the closet cabinets. This design explores the interesting idea of having a sequence of kitchen cabinets that look like closets from the outside. These help save space in the kitchen and are an efficient storage idea! Match these bold cabinet designs with touches of wood and steel, maybe a high chair or two, and you’ve got yourself a modern, bold and exciting kitchen look!




Yet another way of creating storage space but managing a neat finishing is with a chests of drawers. Drawers come in handy for cutlery and crockery because it allows easy access. Add interesting knobs and handles in rust or silver to complete the look!

Now that you’ve created this beautiful space to enjoy your cooking and baking, a completely white space can turn into a nightmare overnight if not maintained right. No one wants to have grease and oil stained kitchens. From spilling sauces and spicy curries, to clumsy kids, kitchens are always a messy affair.


Here are a few ways to make sure your white cabinets don’t turn yellow:

– Avoid too much exposure to the sun. Too much light can cause white to fade and turn pale yellow. Consider adding curtains or blinds to add a little colour in your kitchen and protect it from the heat.
– Laminate is generally grease and stain resistant. Use it wherever possible – on countertops or cabinet facades – and clean with a fizzy mixture of vinegar, warm water and baking soda!
– Use the chimney over your stove. This will reduce the chances of your cabinets collecting grease during your more intense cooking sessions.



Share your white design ideas with us! And watch this space for more home decor and maintenance tips!